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“Naval battle” in Piraeus for shipbuilding repair

In contrast to the PPA the entrepreneurs of the sector

The shipbuilders are preparing to respond with mobilizations to the withdrawal of the administration of the Piraeus Port Authority to sign a private agreement on not claiming a shipyard license from the port.

At the same time, the PPA is trying to drop the tone, stating that the door to dialogue has not been closed, while making a detailed report on the € 32 million investment it has made in the area over the last four years, since taking over the “rudder” Cosco. Investments that in any case, however, are disputed by the shipbuilders.

“War” announcements
More specifically, after the failed meeting of the bodies of the Shipbuilding and Repair Zone with the leadership of the PPA, last Friday, the two sides returned yesterday with announcements. On the one hand, shipbuilders describe the PPA as “unreliable”, while on the other hand, the announcement of the Agency does not mention the issue of the shipyard license that is making efforts to issue the large port, which is a cause of war. »For entrepreneurs. He states, however, that the work, which he characterizes as exceptional, is done by the companies of the Zone.

At the same time, however, it states that the Piraeus Port Authority S.A. Consistently seeks cooperation with all stakeholders (professional associations, trade unions and all relevant bodies) for the revival of the ship repair industry in the port of Piraeus with the ultimate goal of making Piraeus one of the main centers of the Mediterranean in shipbuilding industry.

By Antonis Tsimplakis