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New technologies for a 50% reduction in carbon emissions from ships

Relevant studies are in the final stretch

New technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships are being studied and developed, promising to help shipping emit 50% less carbon dioxide by 2050. These technologies confirm the international position of boosting innovation in marine fuels that will lead to a large-scale change in the industry, analogous to that of the transition from sail to steam.

This change can be made with large investments in new innovative fuels from renewable sources (drop-in fuels). For this reason, the International Maritime Research Fund (IMRF), proposed by the shipping industry and includes core funding from shipping companies around the world of about $ 5 billion over a decade, is more relevant than ever, according to the Hellenic Shipowners’ Association (EEE).

The fund will be given to research on cleaner fuels and according to international shipping agencies, such as the International Maritime Chamber (ICS) and the EUSR, is an effective market-based proposal, as opposed to the proposal for the participation of shipping in the emissions trading system that is likely to lead to carbon “leakage”.

By Lambros Karageorgos