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Who We Are

Moving your trust forward!

UNIFREC S.A. was formed under the support of VAROUTSIKOS S.A. through the contribution of our experienced associates who aim to achieve the total coverage of services in international freight forwarding industry.

Our personnel’s 25 years of experience, supported by the active presence of VAROUTSIKOS S.A. in the transportation industry since 1925, guarantees the excellence of services delivered.

Our Values



We constantly look for innovative solutions to better adapt our services to the individual needs of our customers



Through our staff’s constant training and evolution, we achieve both individual and professional growth and make our services efficient



We monitor and enhance our transportation solutions in a regular basis in order to deliver excellent services



We recognize the vital role of each partner individually whose interaction and close cooperation as a team, leads to greater results

Why Us

The challenge in the need to transport your goods in cargo transportation is not just to offer a satisfactory fare, but also a structured presentation of options, with various services, different travel times and multiple fares. Our goal is that your choice is not a one-way street, but the result of a coordinated research leading to the solution that really meets your needs. Our knowledge of the market, our experience and our network of partners constitute the tools for finding, presenting and implementing the optimal transport option. Our partners will always be available to discuss with you.

Our Mission

Through our global network, our mission is to offer a flawless supply chain.